"I had the privilege of working with Josiah when I was the Director of Technology for Bernie 2016 [...] His contributions were invaluable, providing a crisp, clean, and consistent design for a fairly complex application."

– Zach Schneider, Director of Technology, Bernie 2016


Grassroots volunteers are the lifeblood of any political campaign, and Bernie Sanders' people-powered 2016 presidential bid was no exception. As an in-kind campaign contributor, I worked directly alongside senior campaign officials to conceive Bernie Teams, an application that paired volunteers with local and remote opportunities matching their skills, interests, and experience, and enabled organizers to communicate with and mobilize the teams those volunteers were ultimately assigned to.

As the product — which was designed to facilitate a general election campaign and slated for release in April 2016 — was being built, it became increasingly clear that Sen. Sanders would not be the Democratic nominee, and financial resources were redirected toward advertising before we could ship. However, our work may live on as an open source project, enabling recruitment and mobilization for state-level progressive campaigns and boosting candidates advocating economic justice across America.