I had the good fortune to work with the fine gentlemen of Cafe Racers of Instagram, aka CROIG, in writing this manifesto video, which was shot on location during a two-week tour of the southwestern United States. 



We are a movement.

We believe in packing light, riding free, and always moving forward. 

We believe in craft, tradition, and the idea that things should be made to last or not made at all. 

We believe in the power of simple, two wheeled machines to forge bonds, heal wounds, and seal fates. 

We believe that our freest selves are our truest selves. 

We are a movement.

We are CROIG.



Creative Director: David Chang

Copywriter: Josiah Austin Gulden

Cinematographers: Justin Fredericks and Mark Tarman

Aerial Cinematography: Sky Candy Studios

Editor: Nate Keller

Sound Designer: Scott Clementson

Composer/Music Supervisor: Ryan Isca