Delta Dental is the largest dental insurance association in America, with 37 member companies operating in all 50 states. Despite its scale, many of its digital experiences are stuck in the 1990s. The centerpiece of this outdated approach has long been the various portals that different groups of users — individual subscribers, dental clinics, HR benefit managers, and customer support specialists — use to manage their accounts and relationships. In order to make up for lost time and get out in front of on-trend digital offerings from various competitors, the insurer reached out to Livefront to take inventory of the competitive landscape, legacy product deficiencies, and current industry best practice.

Focusing initially on the benefit manager experience, I worked with stakeholders to create flexible, modern interface patterns for core use cases including financial reporting, benefit administration, bill payment, and rapid identity switching. In the future, these patterns will be reused to update Delta Dental's other web portals and provide a clean, cohesive digital experience for users across the Delta Dental ecosystem.