"Josiah's has a genuine business understanding in combination with design aesthetics where he can solve difficult problems. Josiah's mobile knowledge and depth are refreshing when getting into the details since we can spend more time resolving issues instead of talking about the issue."

– Matt Pacyga, Director of Mobile Products, Optum


Optum, a division of UnitedHealth Group focused on healthcare delivery, had a problem on its hands. With a portfolio of more than twenty digital healthcare products, many of which were built exclusively with the web in mind, design inconsistency had run amok and native mobile execution had been rendered an afterthought. But with a stampede of well-designed, mobile-first competitors nipping at its heels in core businesses like pharmacy, HSA banking, telemedicine, and preventive care, the Fortune 10 firm could no longer afford to neglect the app space. In order to do that, though, it first needed a solid foundation that would enable consistent, thoughtful mobile design at enterprise scale.

Complicating matters was the complex licensing agreements that most of Optum's products were subject to, and the unique relationship between Optum and its sibling organization, UnitedHealthcare. Due to these obligations, almost all Optum products had to be dynamically brandable, variably displaying Optum, UnitedHealthcare, and/or customer colors, logos, and fonts. These unique constraints added an unusual order of complexity to the task of establishing global design standards with respect to color and typography in particular.

Ultimately, the task fell to the design team at Livefront, and our answer to the challenge was the Optum App Design Pattern Library (or App DPL for short). I led the effort in two capacities: as the principal contributor and day-to-day point person, and as a creative director overseeing the efforts of other members of the Livefront design team as well as collaborators from within Optum's own design practice. After more than a year of steady, focused progress, we produced deep, detailed guidance on mobile product design for iOS and Android across a wide range of use cases and branding configurations, as well as extensible branding SDKs for both platforms and a library of reusable, flexible Sketch components. Our work is now finding its way into the hands of designers throughout Optum and its many agency partners, and has been extremely well-received at every level of the organization.

Browse the complete Optum App DPL here.