"As a mobile app Product Lead for Target I worked side by side with Josiah to bring Target’s new Drive Up service to life. Josiah has the ability to crystalize a vision, move fast, show leadership and elevate a design organization. [...] Josiah is an invaluable asset to any product team."

- Ted Nelson, Lead Product Owner - Mobile, Target


How does one of America’s most beloved retail brands stay competitive in a market defined by a widespread decline of brick-and-mortar and the unstoppable ascendance of Amazon? That’s a question Target’s leaders have been asking for years. The answer has always seemed to come back to stores in some way: take advantage of Target’s distributed footprint to help guests get what they want when they want it, beating the e-commerce giants on speed and fulfillment costs while delivering a friendly, familiar experience that makes the guest smile.

Enter Drive Up.

After several years of successful partnerships with Target’s apps group — including a WWDC keynote nod in 2014 — select members of the team at Livefront were entrusted with the design and iOS build of what ultimately became Target Drive Up. In my capacity as product design lead, I oversaw the end-to-end design of the service itself, its guest-facing mobile interface, and the internal tooling used to deliver it, all within a timeline of less than 6 months between our first discovery sprint and our pilot release in the Twin Cities market. After a quarter of consistently high week-over-week growth, Target leadership green-lit the service for a nationwide release in 2018.

Learn more about Drive Up here.